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York PA Bath Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling York PAARH Baths has 20-years of bathroom and home remodeling experience. In our experiences over the years we have created a quick and efficient process to remodel bathrooms. This process is so refined that most people have the bathroom they have always wanted in less than 2-weeks.

We have a designer that meets with customers in house, then updates you at each step of the process. We don’t want you to be limited to something in a showroom, so we have multiple vendors that display the latest and most popular materials for us. Find out how we do business and give us a call to meet with our designer, it will be the best call you make all day.


Bathroom Remodels: Refinish or Replace?

Remodeling your bathroom can be a lengthy and expensive project. To help with time, cost, and effort, it is sometimes more efficient to refinish rather than replace some of the fixtures in your bathroom. Examine each of your fixtures closely to determine what is worth refinishing and what isn’t salvageable.


Bathtubs are a pain to refinish and to replace, but it might actually be less of a pain to refinish than to have to tear the whole thing out and replace it. To determine if your bathtub is salvageable, take a look at the tub and its surroundings. If the tub is worn down so much that refinishing or re-glazing won’t help, you’ll need to replace it. Also, if the flooring and walls around the tub are going to have to undergo a total renovation, it then becomes more cost effective to just replace the tub.

Otherwise, refinishing or replacing comes down to what you want and how much money you want to spend. If you want a brand new tub with new features, go for it. If the tub just needs a little help, it’s worth re-glazing.


Old toilets are worth replacing. You can save water with newer models, and if you’re remodeling you are likely going to have to take it out of the floor anyway, so it is worth just replacing.


Countertops are one of the most expensive projects in a remodel. If you can get away with refinishing your existing vanity you can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

Your existing vanity can be made like new with a little elbow grease. Strip and sand down the wood, repaint, and replace the hardware to make cabinets look like new. If you do not like your existing countertops, you can get an epoxy poured over the existing countertop to give it a brand new look and finish.


If you have old laminate flooring, it is easy enough just to replace the laminate with something cleaner and more up to date. If your floors are tile or hardwood, it can be an expensive and labor intensive project to tear it all up and replace it. So unless the floors are damaged beyond repair or so ugly nothing can save them, you might be better off keeping what you have. In some cases, a good buff or polish job can help old floors look shiny and new again.


Tiling, whether it is on the walls, floors, or surfaces of your bathroom, is quite a task. If your existing tile is broken in a lot of places, falling off, or just beyond ugly, you might want to replace the tiling. Be aware that this project can be expensive and time and labor intensive, but it will be worth the trouble in the long run.

When deciding to refinish or replace the fixtures during your bathroom remodeling project, take the time and effort to really think about your choices. In a lot of cases, a relatively simple refurbishing job can make your old fixtures seem like new.




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